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With over 30 years experience of providing support to Property Professionals we have built up a wealth of in-house expertise and this enables us to offer a vast range of professional property searches on both residential and commercial properties throughout England and Wales.

Our FCA registration also enables us to offer a correspondingly wide range of indemnity products to cover all eventualities.

Searches include Local Authority, Drainage & Water, Flood & Environmental reports, and specific searches relating to Planning, Mining, Transport, Telecoms, Chancel and Utilities. All of our Regulated Personal Searches are carried out by experienced and trained searchers, as this enables us to maintain the highest professional standards, while guaranteeing a timely and efficient service.

Although we accept instructions by other methods, we recommend that you use our simple and intuitive order platform, as this has a recommended search tool based on Law Society guidance and also lets you check your mortgage lender's search requirements before placing your order.

Our in-house Client Services Team are on hand between 8am and 6pm to provide advice and assistance on ordering, expected delivery dates and any queries you may have on your case or search result.

Local Authority Searches

We offer Regulated Searches on every local authority in England and Wales, prepared in line with the Search Code for purchaser protection. Each report, prepared by our in-house staff, provides information on local land charges, planning, highways and more.

The majority of Council of Mortgage Lenders accept the Regulated Search, and our order platform includes a handy lookup tool so that you can confirm your mortgage lender's search requirements before you order. We also supply council-compiled (official) searches.

Our national presence allows us to offer highly competitive pricing nationwide, and we also offer attractive discounts on our search packages.

Drainage & Water

We regularly visit every water company in England and Wales to gather data in order to compile our Regulated Drainage & Water search. This search provides you with a concise report that gives maps of relevant public assets and guidance on connectivity. We also provide Con29dw reports from all Water Companies within England and Wales

Environmental, Flood and Planning

We offer a full range of Environmental, Flood and Planning reports from all the major suppliers, for all residential and commercial transactions. Environmental reports inform purchasers of previous land use and potential contaminated land, and varying detail of any flood risk (although a dedicated flood report is advisable in affected areas). Energy & Infrastructure reports, which also come under this heading, offer detailed advice on potential risk from energy projects such as fracking and wind farms, and also on large-scale infrastructure projects such as HS2 and Crossrail. A Planning Report provides an invaluable source of information on nearby developments enabling purchasers to see what may affect their investment in future years.

Chancel Repair

Despite moves to reform the law on Chancel Liability, many properties could still be affected, with owners potentially being handed a large bill for church repair both inside or outside their parish. We offer a range of products to check for potential risk and/or insure against such risk.

Mining & Subsidence

We offer a full range of searches so that you can check whether a property might be affected by mining activity or subsidence, whether related to coal, metals, limestone, clay, gypsum or Bath Stone.

When using our platform, you will be alerted to all potential mining risks in the area by our search recommendation tool.


We provide reports from all UK telecoms companies on the location of their assets.


We offer a range of transport-related due diligence searches, including:

  • Canal & River Trust
  • Docklands Light Railway
  • Mail Rail
  • Metro & Tram Lines
  • London Underground


We cover every UK utility company, and provide reports on the location of electricity and gas company assets, as well as on wayleave agreements - access rights that enable the installation, maintenance or repair of network equipment.


If you are a commercial conveyancer, we can provide you with easy access to an extensive choice of specially designed commercial searches in addition to our usual property searches:

  • Official searches direct from the Local Authority
  • Regulated Personal Local Authority searches
  • Commercial EPCs
  • Tailored and bespoke commercial title insurance policies.


LawyerChecker enables conveyancers to confirm that the vendor's conveyancer is legitimate, by identifying whether there's a record of previous use associated with the account that money's being sent to. If there isn't, or of the account isn't well known, LawyerChecker can carry out checks on more than 10 databases to help you decide if it's an appropriate account to send money to.


It is a legal that requirement that whenever a property is sold, rented out, constructed or refurbished, an Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) must be produced.

The EPC will provide a potential purchaser or tenant with important information on a building's energy efficiency in a sliding scale from 'A' (very efficient) to 'G' (least efficient) together with recommendations showing how the homeowner could improve the rating.

Our qualified assessors and qualified will visit the property to analyse how it is constructed, insulated, heated and ventilated and prepare the necessary report.

We offer EPCs on both residential and commercial properties together with a floorplan service on residential with prices starting at £65 plus vat.

Search Indemnities

Fast easy access to block policy insurance solutions with immediate cover including:

No Search Remortgage

No search remortgage cover is typically required when no application for property searches has or will be made during the remortgage of a property or piece of land.

Buyer Protect

This policy protects the purchaser (and the conveyancer) by covering costs and expenses incurred when a property purchase falls through. Costs and expenses covered include certain conveyancing fees and disbursements, and lenders mortgage lender's arrangement and valuation fees incurred in the purchase of a property, up to a maximum of £1,500.

Cover applies once an offer has been made and accepted by the vendor and is provided for 365 days from policy issue, and includes:

  1. The vendor withdrawing the property from sale after an offer from another buyer
  2. The buyer having to withdraw from the purchase because of:
    • an adverse Legal Search (as per policy definition)
    • the Mortgage lender's valuation being less than 90% of the accepted offer
  3. The buyer or the vendor's withdrawal due to:
    • cancellation of employer's relocation package
    • involuntary unemployment
    • death, unforeseen illness or bodily injury caused by a sudden or specific accident

This is policy is unique in that it does not limit maximum reimbursement amounts for individual fees within the £1500 total cover

Chancel Repair Indemnity Cover

Chancel repair liability is no longer an overriding interest after 12 October 2013, but parochial church councils which can prove they are entitled to demand chancel repair contributions from the owner of a property can still apply for the liability to be noted in the Land Registry title in order to bind successors. Property owners could therefore find that new entries are added to their registers to protect these chancel repair contributions. If protected, future buyers of that land will still take subject to that chancel repair liability, but now as an expressly protected interest rather than as an overriding interest. These registrations could take place at any time before the property is next sold to a bona fide purchaser for value, so could be made both before and after 12 October 2013.

We offer a low cost solution to this issue. We operate a Chancel Repair block policy and by placing the property on risk your client is covered should a liability come to light.

Bespoke Indemnity Policies

Our FCA registration enables us to provide bespoke insurance from a range of market leading providers. We are happy to provide multiple quotes on simple or complicated policies. With My Legal Indemnity Shop you can quickly compare up to three different quotations for the same policy to ensure that your clients have a choice of product from leading insurers.

Why York Place?

Key benefits:

  • One-stop shop for all your search requirements
  • Recommended searches based on Law Society Guidance
  • Online order, tracking and electronic delivery of all reports
  • Searches carried out anywhere across England and Wales
  • Discounts for search packages
  • Web services integration to case management systems
  • £10,000,000 professional indemnity on each and every search
  • £2,000,000 search accuracy indemnity on each regulated personal search
  • Members of COPSO and IPSA
  • Registered with the PCCB and subscribers to the Search Code

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