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International Services

Bringing the world to your fingertips
Through our extensive network of associates and correspondents, we incorporate and search companies worldwide.

With many years experience, our international formation department, based in our London office, can set up your offshore company with the minimum of fuss and guide you through the often complex procedures.

If you need information on an offshore company we get you all that's available as fast as possible.

Why choose an international company formation
Companies want to make best use of resources, minimise costs and maximise on results and profits.

Trading may not be limited to the UK.

Incorporating outside of the UK can provide benefits in respect of:

  • Tax efficiency and minimisation
    It can be advantageous to utilise the low or fixed corporate tax levels of some jurisdictions
  • Protection of assets
    Assets held by a non-UK company can enjoy additional anonymity and an enhanced separation of ownership from the beneficiaries
  • Confidentiality
    Banks and the registering authorities are understanding of the sensitivity of the international market place and competition and respect the confidentiality of the corporate structures
  • Global status
    Incorporation in the international arena raises the profile of the company to customers and competitors
  • Trading worldwide
    The international company facilitates worldwide trade

    Uses for International companies
    Investment Holding concerns International trading Property owning Internet trading Professional services Shipping Patent, Trade Mark, copyright and royalty Insurance Captive insurance

    The list is not exhaustive.

    How to choose the right jurisdiction
    When selecting a jurisdiction for the incorporation of your International company, the following criteria should be considered: Rates of tax, both corporate and personal Confidentiality in respect of banking and public disclosure Formation and annual renewal fees Domiciliation requirements in respect of resident officers Ongoing compliance requirements Local services, including transport and administration Banking facilities and services Communications internationally Political stability and supporting corporate legislation Reputation Local laws and regulations

    How York Place can help you
    We know the incorporation procedure in many international jurisdictions We provide you with a breakdown of the registration requirements in the international jurisdictions We advise on the different procedures adopted abroad and the timings attached to incorporation We have a bank of correspondents to help with domiciliation and other local requirements abroad We check for availability of your proposed company name at no charge We maintain a list of readymade companies and a list of jurisdictions where incorporation is speedy should the matter be time critical We advise on the information required in respect of disclosure of the beneficial owners We keep you informed of the public record requirements We provide you with a breakdown of the paid-up capital requirements We liaise with the relevant registries and other official bodies to ensure the smooth and swift incorporation of your international company.

    Ongoing Corporate Compliance
    Once your international company is incorporated it will be obliged to comply with the legislation of the jurisdiction in which it has been incorporated.

    It may need a local agent. It may have to comply with domiciliation requirements e.g. charities must be resident. If the beneficiaries of the company are located elsewhere nominees are a possible solution. York Place provide nominees to act in the capacity of director, secretary and shareholder as required.

    As part of our service to clients we take care of all the post incorporation company secretarial support including:

  • Putting in place nominee officers and shareholders when confidentiality is a key issue or the domiciliation regime requires it
  • Providing registered office facilities and assistance with recurring and ad hoc Company secretarial compliance matters
  • Advising on the bank account opening procedures and providing a list of main Banks available in your preferred jurisdiction
  • Assisting quickly and efficiently with certification and notarisation matters
  • Putting you in touch with tax consultants and specialists to help you choose the best corporate route both before and after incorporation

    Contact Us
    In addition to forming and maintaining companies offshore we also offer advice on tax structures. We have an in-house team including international tax consultant, Emilio Scintu, who can advise on and help achieve the best tax structures for our clients. Emilio�s expertise, added to the already formidable bank of company secretarial support within Stanley Davis, offers clients a complete secretarial and management support service with no limitation as to jurisdiction. For more information please contact us on 0207 554 2261

    International Company Searches
    The York Place international company search service is extensive and includes: Providing you with public record information on companies incorporated worldwide Advising on the information likely to be available prior to you Committing to the company search Accessing international databases to minimise the time taken to get the information to you Going to source for the information and avoiding intermediaries wherever possible. For more information please contact Susan Yew on tel. 0207 554 2253.

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