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 Why incorporate?
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Why incorporate?
There are many reasons for incorporating your business and the following are some of the key benefits.
  • Limited liability - the prime advantage providing protection to the member by limiting personal liability for the business debts
  • Separate legal persona - incorporation means setting up a separate identity which can enter into contracts, sue and be sued and which can buy, sell and lease property in its own name
  • Perpetual succession - provides the comfort of knowing that the directors and members might change but the corporate body remains. This is in direct contradiction to operating as a sole trader or ordinary partnership
  • Protection of the name - is invaluable today as branding equates to money
  • Governing structure - the Memorandum & Articles of Association or the LLP agreement form the constitution of the company or LLP and clearly outline the powers and regulations
  • Investment structure - in a company, the ability to release tranches of ownership by way of share capital to clearly reflect the investment made
  • Borrowing structure - incorporation provides a vehicle permitted to arrange borrowing by way of charges over assets
  • Inexpensive - the UK company incorporation fee is the lowest in the world. In addition if turnover is less than £6,500,000 per annum there is no audit requirement or fee
  • Pensions and tax advantages may apply although circumstances vary and professional advice must be sought
  • Don't Hesitate - Incorporate! click here for further details and to see how much you could save

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